What is car window tinting?

Auto car window tinting film is a scratch resistant, usually polyethylene terephthalate base (PET) film that are applied to the interior surface of your car windows. However, there are many types available in the market as some can be clear, tinted with metals, dyes or pigments to reduce visible light from transmitting through blocking harsh UV rays.

At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we offer the premium Carbon CXP and Ceramic CIR range from SunTek with superior heat rejection capabilities. Make sure to ask regarding the VLT or darkness available as well.

How do we tint your car windows?

At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we commence the installation process with thoroughly cleaning your car windows of any dirt and grim. This ensures our window tinting film’s bonds to your car windows effectively. A substantial layer of window tinting film is applied to your vehicle’s window removing any air pockets with a squeegee. The film is then cut and trimmed with precision to ensure it effectively covers your vehicle’s windows based on the specific make and model.

Should I tint my car windows?

In short, yes! There are many advantages to having a professional car detailer install window tinting to your car. Adding tint to your car windows can provide a deep rich appeal to your overall ride. In addition to spicing up its appearance, this film can block the harsh Australian UV rays, reducing solar heat and protecting your car’s interior from fading.

Is car window tinting worth it?

Car window tinting is a great investment. If you love your vehicle as much as we do, the long-term value of having car window tints includes peace of mind and comfort. The protective properties in window tints keeps your car cool for you and your passengers, making every ride a comfortable journey at all times. Whilst being comfortable, you can rest easy knowing that your car’s interiors is being protected from the volatile and every changing Australian heat.

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suntek window tinting carbon xp

If you’re looking for a great value darkest legal window tint that doesn’t compromise on quality, SunTek Carbon XP™ is a great choice! Keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable with 99.9% protection from UV and 50% heat rejection.


Carbon XP™ is manufactured by SunTek, one of the most highly reputable USA-based window film manufacturers. The quality manufacturing and construction of Carbon XP™ means you don’t have to worry about your tint bubbling, fading, flaking or peeling. Just to be sure, SunTek provide a lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.


Carbon XP™ comes in multiple tint shades from clear to darkest legal, so you can choose a look that’s as dark or as light as you prefer. Its non-metal nano carbon technology features a non-reflective “black” finish that won’t fade.

SunTek Ceramic IR™ is a step up in infrared heat rejection for a cooler and more comfortable drive. This window tint solution takes heat rejection to the next level with ceramic and nano-carbon hybrid technology. As well as providing 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays; Ceramic IR™ boasts exceptional heat and infrared rejection, keeping you and your passengers cooler and more comfortable.


Ceramic IR™ is manufactured by SunTek, is a highly reputable USA-based window film for its quality in manufacturing and construction. This means you don’t have to worry about your tint bubbling, fading, flaking or peeling.

What is the percentage of tint allowed on car windows?

When it comes to Western Australian regulations for vehicle window tinting, it is acceptable to have a car window tint of no less than 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for the drivers and passenger windows (front side windows) and 20% for the back seat and rear windows. With regard to the windscreen, the uppermost part of your windscreen is permitted to have a tinted strip that does not cover no more than 10% of the windscreen height or essentially this strip must not go below the top arc of your wipers. The tinted strip is permitted have a VLT percentage of your choice.

What is the legal limit to tint car windows?

In Western Australia, other than the 35% VLT in the front windows and 20% in the back and rear windows, there are other regulations to consider. For instance, if you are thinking of added reflective or mirror-like tinted films to your vehicle for aesthetic purpose they are not to contain a reflectance level of 10%. If you have vision impairment, you may be exempt to appeal to installed high VLT window tint.


Window tints are typically installed inside your vehicle. If you are looking to add additional protect to your car windows from the outside, we recommend our paint protection films, ceramic coating services or both.

Car window tints are primarily comprised of polyester, and depending on the type can include a thin coating of coloured dye and metal fragments. These films act as a barrier between the sun’s rays and the interior of your car, blocking thermal energy but allowing some light to shine through (depending on the VLT%).

Our SunTek Carbon XP™ is a great choice! Keeping you and your passengers safe and comfortable with 99.9% protection from UV and 50% heat rejection.

If you recently had your car windows tinted, it is important to let them cure. This can take approximately 3 days depending on weather conditions. So, we recommend leaving the windows rolled up during this time. When the window tint is cured, you can proceed to clean them when you see fit. Use a microfibre cloth to clean your window tint with the 2-bucket method. If you insist on using modern cleaning products, please ensure they do not contain traces of ammonia. This typically includes any blue coloured cleaners such as the blue Windex, however Windex Green contains vinegar which is safe.

Car modifications, such as window tints may bump up your car insurance premium. If your vehicle has installed window tints based on Western Australia regulations (35% front windows and 25% for back and rear windows) than they are deem roadworthy. If they exceed these standards, depending on the car insurance provider you may not be able to claim this at a time of an accident. It would be worth informing your insurer to let them know if window tinting will be covered based on your current policy and the impact it may have on your insurance premium.

Installing car window tints by a professional car detailer can take between 2-3 hours depending on your vehicles make and model. If your vehicle already contains window tints or perhaps you are replacing them, which we at Craftsmen Automotive Professionals can perform, may take additional time as this process will require safely removing the existing window tints.

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