PROJECT: Tesla Model 3

This client came into our car detailing auto body work shop to receive our most reputable custom new car protection package to ensure their Tesla Model 3 was equipped with the best possible paint protection it deserve.
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This Tesla received a full front end Paint Protection Film (PPF). This includes the bonnet, headlights, front bumper, front fenders and mirrors. In addition to this car paint protection solution, a layer of CarPro’s ceramic coating was applied on the overall vehicle and wheels. This creates a stronger layer of protection at the front of the vehicle. 


At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we have been through rigorous training and selection criteria needed to be certifies CarPro detailers. This allows us to install CarPro’s CQuartz Professional (CQP) and Finest Reserve ceramic coating to your vehicle.

carpro cquartz professional ceramic coating
carpro cqfr cquartz finest reserve ceramic coating
Lastly, we were able to apply SunTek Ceramic IR™ (CIR) Window Tint. This window tinting solution incorporates advance infrared heat rejection technology to provide car owners a cooler and more comfortable drive. It heat rejection to the next level with it’s ceramic and nano-carbon hybrid technology, providing 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays – particularly useful in this harsh Australian weather. The combination of these paint protection services made our client extremely happy. While protecting the original paint coat, this vehicle will also be able to stay cool and ensure that the technology aren’t damaged by the strong heat waves that we usually experience in Australia. Craftsmen Automotive Professional is proud to say that we have heavily invested in the best equipment and training in order to achieve excellent results. Find out more about how our PPF services can transform your car!


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