PROJECT: Mercedes-Benz AMG A45

This was an exciting project that we at Craftsmen Automotive Professional received. And it was an absolute pleasure to have incorporate a variety of our paint protection services to transform this Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 Hatch. This red hot Mercedes-Benz hatch received a the Ultimate Restoration and Paint Protection package. Including Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Window Coating and Tinting, Wheel Refurbishment and Interior Detailing.
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Our multi-stage paint correction was applied to bring this vehicle’s colour back to life. In addition, CarPro’s CQuartz Ceramic Coating was applied all over the vehicle including the wheels. Reserve utilises new technology through a complex hybrid blend of Si02 infused epoxy nano particles. This creates an extremely reflective, durable and protective coating between the ceramic coat and the organic material from this vehicle.
carpro cquartz professional ceramic coating
Plus a Window Coating and SunTek’s CXP Window Tinting to protect the driver from the harsh rays of the Australian sun. CXP or SunTek’s Carbon XP non-metal nano carbon technology features a non-reflective ‘black’ finish that will won’t fade in years to come for this driver. To complete the exterior with a full paint protection, we added a full font end PPF to the font bumper, fenders bonnet, front roof, headlights and mirrors. In addition to this, PPF was done on the piano trims which involved the B-pillars and rear spoiler. (The B-pillars are identified as the middle window panels of any vehicles.)
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But that wasn’t all! We even had the opportunity to work on the interior of this beautiful car with a Full Wheel Refurbishment and a Swissvax Interior finish.  

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