If you have tears, burns, holes, seams, or in need of a colour restoration for your car leather interior, Craftsmen Automotive Professionals can resolve it. The quality of your car leather is soft and pliant, and provides a pleasant aroma to your vehicle. They are a luxury and should be treated as such. But they can also absorb dirt and spills causing them to discolour. Overtime this luxurious element can scratch and tear as well. This is a very natural part of the diminished look of your interior caused by the exposure of the harsh Australian sunlight, the daily use of getting in and out of your vehicle, spills, stains and accidents. It can be easy to overlook these blemishes and issues in your leather upholstery thinking that the leather is not salvageable or even repair worthy. While some commercial-grade cleaners can help resolve these issues, they can also cause more harm than good in the long run. In addition, regular DIY leather restoration and cleaning agents can leave the surface of your car leather damages and dehydrated which may also cause more harm and resulting in leather cracks and peels. Well, that’s where we come in and help transform your car leather interior, making it look like it came straight out of the factory! Our leather restoration services can help restore your vehicles value and curb appeal.
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Here at Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we are proud to be one of a few factory-trained and certified Colourlock Leather Restorers in Perth and Australia offering unrivalled repairs and services on leather restoration.


We offer leather restoration services to any part of your car’s interior including:

  • leather steering wheel repair
  • restoring cracked leather car seats
  • leather dashboard repair
  • and more!


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