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When it comes to your car’s appearance the paintwork is the most salient aspect. You could go to extremes and cover your vehicle with car wraps when it comes to preserving the appearance and shine of your car’s paintwork. However, this car detailing method is essentially hiding your car’s paint. If you want to showcase your vehicle’s paint, consider ceramic coating. 

An increasingly popular alternative to repeated car waxing or vehicle wraps is Nano coatings. The technology used for ceramic car coating is based on polymers. Ceramic coating bonds on a chemical level on top of the paint but will not bond to anything outside the vehicle. This includes dust, moisture and the harsh Australian UV rays.

What is car ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating also known as nano-ceramic coating, for cars is a liquid polymer sealant that chemically bonds to your cars factory paint that creating a layer of protection. This type of paint protection solution is made of SiO2 Silicon Dioxide and other chemical compounds that protect your car from external paint damage. At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we are proud to be one of the few certified CarPro Detailers in Perth and Australia. We are trained and experienced in applying CarPro’s wide range of professional only products. Products like CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve can only be purchased by professional car detailers who has been through the rigorous training and selection criteria needed to become part of CarPro’s certified program. The dedication and investment towards the field of detailing has allowed us to partner with one of the global leading brands in the industry.
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How long does ceramic coating last?

Depending on how you use and clean your car, a layer of ceramic coating will protect your original car paint work for two to five years if you do it yourself. However, if you get a professional car detailer you can expect the ceramic coating to last for 10 years or more. At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we have been through rigorous training and selection criteria needed to be certifies CarPro detailers. This allows us to install CarPro’s CQuartz Professional (CQP) and Finest Reserve ceramic coating to your vehicle.


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CQuartz Professional is a new glass coating developed on advances in ceramic technology over the past 6 years. This new formula has been infused with fluorocarbon composites, Si02 and specialised nanoparticles to ensure ridiculous levels of gloss, self-cleaning properties and immense protection.


The dense structure of CQP allows the coating to protect the paintwork, rejecting contaminants such as bird droppings, bug stains and many other environmental hazards. The coating will also mitigate light swirling and scratches, having both the structural hardness yet the flexibility to negate physical harm.  Not only does this coating protect your vehicle, it also transforms the surface to be extremely reflective, glossy, slick and water-repellent. It will bring your investment into new aesthetic heights, unlocking.


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While Finest Reserve is simply, pure innovation. CarPro have paved the way for paint protection over the years, and have now raised the bar – pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.


Reserve utilises new technology through a complex hybrid blend of Si02 infused epoxy nano particles. This new advanced composition bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials, creating an extremely reflective, durable and protective coating.

This coating will transform the surface of your vehicle, and bring it into new aesthetic and protective heights. Not only will you experience breathtaking gloss, but your vehicle will exhibit crazy water-repellence and self-cleaning properties. Contaminants will struggle to adhere to the surface, and the car will stay cleaner for longer, and be effortless to maintain.



The short answer is yes. The paint protection offered by ceramic coating is worth the price. It provides a great level of protection against contaminants and minor scratches, while also making cleaning your car easier. However, this paint protection solution isn’t for every car and their owners. It depends on how you use and care for your car.


There is no one-stop solution that guarantee a complete paint protection for your car. However, if you find yourself in the tedious routine of cleaning and waxing your car you are probably better off with getting a car detailing specialist like Craftsmen Automotive Professionals to apply ceramic coating to your car.

You can wax your ceramic coated car. However, it is not entirely necessary. Car wax essentially creates a clear coat over your car’s paintwork whilst giving it that extra shine and gloss affect.


Ceramic coating will also do this, but binding on a chemical level. It is important to note that there are a number of different types of wax available and they are all not created equally.


Using paste or liquid wax can hinder the effects of ceramic coating to fully function. Traditional car waxes are notorious for collecting debris, primarily due to the oil and lubricants within them. As this type of wax soaks up the debris the ceramic coat’s hydrophobic repelling capabilities becomes useless by the wax solution above it.


Synthetic waxes are not a better alternatively either for the same reason. As a result, you will find a dull and hazy wax job.

Although ceramic coating contains self-cleaning properties that makes your car look cleaner for longer, it does not mean you neglect the need for a regular wash.


We recommend using the 2-bucket method. Preparing 2 buckets, one for washing and one for rinsing is generally the safest method for most car enthusiasts.

Yes, you can apply ceramic coating to your car’s windscreen. Many car enthusiasts tend to focus on protecting their car’s paintwork.


Whilst ceramic coating does protect your car’s paint, they can be applied anywhere on your car including the wheels, vinyl wraps, fiberglass, PPF and of cause glass.

Ceramic coating is resistant to chemicals, acid, salts, moisture and UV rays. However, on the other end of the pH scale, alkaline products such as degreases will break down the ceramic coating’s bond to your car paint’s surface.

Before applying ceramic coating to your car, it is important to ensure the finish is in perfect condition and correctly prepared.


At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we wash your car to remove any trace of wax, glaze or sealant that was applied to your car. The surface is then clayed to remove any contaminants being trapped when applying ceramic coating.


Contaminants between the ceramic coating and your car paint can wreak havoc causing irreversible damage. Lastly, we polish your vehicle and paint correction where necessary removing any scratches and swirls being visible after applying this paint protection solution.

It is important to note that ceramic coating is not a substitute for serious scratches and chips. They are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. A high-quality ceramic coating application from a professional car detailer like Craftsmen Automotive Professional will enhance the resistance of your car paint to scratches.

Both ceramic coating and PPF are exceptional paint protection solution for your car. Ceramic coating contains hydrophobic elements that repel external debris. While PPF can absorb scratches and contains self-healing properties. However, PPF can come in clear and matte finishes while ceramic coating provides an unmatched gloss enhancement to your car’s paint work. At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we offer both PPF and ceramic coating. Having both these paint protection solutions will make water marks, acid damage and oxidation a thing of the past!
Yes, ceramic coating can affect the colour of the car wrap you choose to install on your car. This also highly depends on the car wrap you have on your car, whether it is PPF or vinyl. It is important for car detailers to discuss the purpose behind their choice of car wrap. Generally speaking, ceramic coating can protect a car wrap with the sealing agent to keep moisture from getting into the film. For instance, ceramic coating can add another layer of protection to vinyl wraps from the UV raps preventing it from drying out. However, this may be a different case for PPFs.
Ceramic coating can only be applied on a PPF that is ceramic-friendly. SunTek PPFs are one of few PPFs that have this attribute. At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we are proud to supply and install SunTek’s Reaction, Ultra and Ultra Defence. We have had the honour to transform Lamborghinis, Mercedes, BMWs, Porches, Teslas, Audis, Mustangs and more!

Yes, you can drive your car after installing ceramic coating. However, it is important to be aware of the curing process. This may take 2 – 3 weeks depending on the temperature and humidity levels. We recommend parking your car undercover away from the sun for long periods of time as well as washing it until the curing process is complete.

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