The single most important aspect of detailing a vehicle is in Paint Correction. In fact, approximately 90% of gloss and perfection is the result of this process which will purify the finish of your vehicle.

At Craftsmen Automotive Professional, we perfect the paintwork of your car by slowly exfoliating layers upon layers of clear coat to remove swirls, scratches, and dullness leaving behind a burnished specimen of perfection.

We use a systematic approach by applying varying grade of cleansers, compounds, and polishes using a technique designed to remove a microscopic amount of the paint’s clear coat surface in order to smooth away paintwork defects. It could be likened to fine sanding where a few microns (1/1000 mm) are removed each time.

A small price to pay when you are chasing after perfection where defects just will not do. This process will restore neglected and damaged paintwork to a smooth, durable, and brilliant gloss while maintaining the integrity of the clear coat paint.

We take great satisfaction and pride in restoring to a perfect finish by removing the following defects:

  • Buffer Marks/Holograms
  • Swirls
  • Scratches
  • Airborne Damage
  • Oxidation


 ***Price is upon assessments of the vehicle and charged accordingly to the hours needed to achieve perfection***